Neoprene for Fall – Love it or Lose it?

Neoprene Fall 2014
Ah, Neoprene – what an odd fabric indeed. Usually reserved for wetsuits and water sport wear, neoprene is breaking into the fashion world in a big way. Many swimwear designers caught onto the neoprene trend this summer – most notably Beach Bunny Swimwear and Triangl – which made sense to me. Neoprene, swimwear – swimwear, neoprene – in my opinion they go hand in hand. Neoprene bikinis made a big splash, and don’t get me wrong, they were/are super cute! However, I notice that the neoprene trend is continuing into fall wear which I realized just a few days ago while browsing Topshop. I spotted an amazingly cute dress from the corner of my eye, just my style – a white halter neck skater dress with a mesh panel across the cleavage – very cute and wearable. Upon closer inspection (aka touching the dress, very scientific) I realized the dress was made from neoprene. Hmmm. My love connection wavered right there on the spot. I think neoprene works well for swim and beach wear, but I am not just not yet convinced it works for larger articles of clothing. I would love to know –  what do you babes think of neoprene for fall 2014?

Charlotte Russe mini skirt

VIVETTA black skirt

Kukso Koo black skirt

Hunter boots
$220 –


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