Haute Halloween

Haute Halloween
Babes, Halloween is upon us and it is time to lock down that costume idea. This year I’ve decided to lean more towards a fashion inspired costume rather than the good ole reliable “Sexy Anything” costume – you know the ones; sexy plumber, sexy construction worker, sexy pencil (yes, I’ve actually seen this costume IRL). While those costumes are fun in their own way and I definitely did participate in the exaggerated Halloween sexiness back in my university days, in my old age of 28 I have (happily) outgrown this phase.

 I immediately fell in love with lace bunny ears when I first saw them a while back, designed by BCBG, but really had no idea how I could functionally incorporate them into my wardrobe – ding, ding, ding, Halloween! I found these great ones available on Etsy, and they even have an added veil, which I think adds even more drama and are absolutely perfect for Halloween – the rest of my outfit and my accessories will definitely be built around the lace ears. Let me know down in the comments what you babes are planning on wearing for Halloween – extra points if you have a Heidi Klum-esque costume idea – she is definitely the Queen of Halloween!

Gucci black corset
$1,260 –

The Row skinny pants

Gucci handbag

Gabriele Frantzen gemstone jewelry
$1,220 –

Bunny headband

Christian Louboutin nail polish


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