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Show Some Skin

Babes, we all know how good makeup and fabulous hair adds to any babe’s look – but there is one thing that is an absolute MUST when it comes to looking your best – and that’s healthy looking skin. I know this is much easier said than done, but babes, I have finally found a great skin care line that has actually done wonders for my skin and is pretty much a godsend!

My new go-to skin products are from Dermologica! I was recently introduced to the product line about a few weeks ago, and so far, so good – I LOVE the products! I have major oily skin (which I detest) and the products are really fantastic at controlling my skin type. Out of all the skin care lines I have tried – and there have been MANY, including Proactive, Murad, etc – Dermologica is my new fave. My top of the list products include the Pre-Cleanse (love, love, LOVE!), the Multi-Active toner (feels SO good), and the skin firming booster! I am always open to trying new products, so babes, let me know down in the comments if you have personally tried Dermologica, or which skin care line is your go-to for skin products! liplip


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