Blonde to Blonder

Babes, for a while now I’ve been wanting to go blonde – I’ve done the ombre, I’ve done the sombre, I’ve done the “natural” looking blonde highlights (aka not natural looking at all) – and recently I decided it’s time to try PLATINUM. I was a little apprehensive, as I’ve been dying my hair for literally years and I know the road to platinum barbie hair is usually a long one and causes more than a little damage to your hair. 

I could not be more happy with the outcome of my hair – in my opinion my hairstylist is a goddess who I can now thank for all my future hair happiness. The photo above is a real photo of my hair, with no extensions, no filter, and no photoshopping or editing. The process from honey blonde highlighted hair to platinum toned blonde took about 4 hours, and to my pleasant surprise, my hair ended up softer than before and not damaged at all. Babes, read that sentence again – Not. Damaged. At. All. Two bleaching processes, a treatment to deep condition my hair, and an application of toner. My stylist used an ingredient with the bleach called Olaplex, which basically protects the integrity of the hair, and in my opinion is an absolute must when lightening and lifting your hair colour. If you haven’t heard of Olaplex, definitely look it up on Youtube – there are so many videos about how great (I would honestly say magical) this product is!

As many of you know, I am an extension LOVA (clip ins at the moment) – so my challenge at the moment is to tone  my current honey blonde/yellowy toned extensions to match my new colour. Once I’ve done that I will definitely write a blog post with the do’s and don’ts of that process!

Babes, have you ever tried to drastically change your hair colour and did you love or loathe the results?


7 thoughts on “Blonde to Blonder

  1. I love your new hair so much! 😍
    And my hair is kinda blonde now and I had it this shade for a long time so I was thinking about going platinum blonde but I wasn’t sure. This post encouraged me to think about it more! That product sounds amazing, I’ll definitely search it up! 😃


    • Thank you so much babe! I would definitely recommend going lighter but only with Olaplex – it protects your hair so much and allows you to go so many shades lighter in one sitting! Definitely let me know the results if you end up making the change! 🙂

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