Bikini Babe Dreaming

Babes, I don’t know about you but the weather here in Toronto has been downright freezing…we’re talking about an ungodly -20C. This kind of weather does absolutely nothing for me, and when this type of brutal temp hits you can usually find me practicing my best “babe-in-a-blanket” pose, dreaming (as well as wishing and praying) of a tropical location where I can get my tan and drink on. I’m a sucker for bikini’s – any reason to buy one works for me. I am loving more neutral and muted tones/designs for the upcoming (not fast enough) summer season, and am absolutely dying over interesting necklines and strappy details to the MAX. Babes, definitely let me know down in the comments what type of bikini/one piece you’ll be planning on rocking the next time the sun decides to give us some heat! Until then, I’ll be fantasizing about sun, heat, and margarita’s on ice…a babe can dream!Bikini Babe Dreaming

Mikoh one piece swimsuit
190 CAD –

Zimmermann swimsuit swimwear
310 CAD –

Agent Provocateur swimsuit swimwear
150 CAD –

Vix bikini swimwear
285 CAD –

Vix swimsuit top
170 CAD –

Mikoh string bikini
125 CAD –

ADRIANA DEGREAS black bikini
330 CAD –

SHE MADE ME brazilian bikini swimwear
77 CAD –


Winter Inspired White

Babes, we’re officially bracing winter here in Toronto – personally, right now I am loving it – but that may become a different story after a few weeks. I am absolutely LOVING a crisp, white wardrobe for winter, paired with fur and vintage pieces – I cannot get enough! Let me know down in the comments what pieces you babes absolutely need in your winter wardrobe!Winter Inspired White

Balmain white blouse
$1,205 –

Alexander McQueen peplum top

Whistles crop top
$200 –

White shirt
$21 –

White skirt

Delpozo dress pants

Jane Norman white skirt
$45 –

Stuart Weitzman sandals

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Christmas Wishes

Now, I don’t mean to panic any of you beautiful babes, but I think I should let it be known that there are only 35 – yes, 35! – shopping days left until Christmas! Usually I leave things to the last minute – so guilty of this – but luckily I’ve started online shopping a few weeks back and have done some of my Christmas shopping. It’s times like these I am so happy I work in the hair/makeup/beauty industry – it makes shopping for the women in my life just that much easier. I’ve started to compile my x-mas list to give to my man (let’s be honest, I completed it months ago) and here are my top picks:
1. Gucci Cosmetics – I have been obsessing over Gucci’s cosmetic line since it launched back in October, and have been so disappointed that the line is not available to ship to Canada from Gucci’s website (crying face). I’ve been told Gucci cosmetic’s are available at Holt’s, so even though my BF tells me I already own way too much makeup, I’m hoping to find a few of these treasures in my stocking!
2. Valentino Rockstud Patent Leather Slingbacks – Babes, I die (or live?) for these amazing Valentino slingbacks! I’ve had my eye on these babies for a few good months now, and I know if I had these in my wardrobe they would most likely become my daily drivers. I love how they look with skinnies, skirts, dresses – everything! I want, want, want!
3. Candles – I really don’t know any babe who isn’t a maniac about candles, but sometimes I take it to a whole other level. To say that I am candle obsessed is an understatement – I love candles of any brand, size, and smell (especially any sugar, pine, or clean linen scent!)
4. Sexy Lingerie – yes, yes, YES! I love receiving lingerie as a gift, especially since we babes know how pricey lingerie can be. I hope to receive some sexy pieces from my favourite lingerie line Agent Provocateur and the ever sexy Victoria’s Secret.
5. Something Sparkly – last but definitely not least, I think every babe has some sort of sparkly shiny jewellery on their wish list, be it an amazing pair of earrings, a tennis bracelet, or that special once in a lifetime ring – sparkle sparkle! 
So babes, those are my picks this Christmas – let me know down in the comments what you are craving to see under the tree this year! Until next time, happy (in person/window/online) shopping!Christmas Wishes

Agent Provocateur pajamas
$350 –

Hanky Panky bra

Agent Provocateur panty
$195 –

Gucci leather handbag
$800 –

Allurez gold ring
$6,180 –

Gucci lipstick

Lips makeup

Gucci makeup

Gucci fragrance

Wine glass


Date Night Essentials

Babes, I don’t know about you, but I have been SO busy lately (work, appointments, shopping, etc) and life is showing no signs of slowing down especially with the holidays coming! That being said, I am DYING for a date night with my man, just the two of us, somewhere romantic…you know the drill. As of late, my absolute date night essentials are:
1. Hot Outfit – this one is self explanatory. Lately, I am loving leather everything and anything.
2. Sexy Nails – I’ve been really into my nails lately, experimenting with a new shade daily. Black and shiny (think patent leather-ish) is my number one nail shade right now.
3. Racy Underwear – Again, self-explanatory, but your bra and panties are something you can really have fun with. Victoria’s Secret has some really fun stuff out right now for the holidays, and Agent Provocateur is always on point with their designs.
Let me know down in the comments what your absolute essentials are for a babe-approved date night!
Date Night Essentials

Marni turtle neck shirt

Balmain high rise skirt
$6,375 –

Atsuko Kudo latex lingerie

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

Nail treatment


Haute Halloween

Haute Halloween
Babes, Halloween is upon us and it is time to lock down that costume idea. This year I’ve decided to lean more towards a fashion inspired costume rather than the good ole reliable “Sexy Anything” costume – you know the ones; sexy plumber, sexy construction worker, sexy pencil (yes, I’ve actually seen this costume IRL). While those costumes are fun in their own way and I definitely did participate in the exaggerated Halloween sexiness back in my university days, in my old age of 28 I have (happily) outgrown this phase.

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Autumn Accessories

Autumn Accessories
Some say accessories (and diamonds) are a girl’s best friend, and I couldn’t agree more! On lazier days (read: rainy, cold, dreary days where I don’t have too much going on) I personally tend to keep my outfit simple and monochromatic, and I really play up my accessories. I am really getting into scarves and hats as of late – I cannot resist a good, thick scarf (really loving plaid and bright, fall colours – think apple red, hunter green, royal blue) and hats are just amazing for those bad hair days. Above are some autumn accessories that I am totally coveting – leave a comment down below and let me know what you babes think are some must-have fall accessories!

Brooks brothers watch

Fat Face thick scarve
$40 –

Wool scarve

Jigsaw gray beanie hat
$79 –

DVF glove

Wildfox fox glasses

Ray Ban ray ban eyewear


Neoprene for Fall – Love it or Lose it?

Neoprene Fall 2014
Ah, Neoprene – what an odd fabric indeed. Usually reserved for wetsuits and water sport wear, neoprene is breaking into the fashion world in a big way. Many swimwear designers caught onto the neoprene trend this summer – most notably Beach Bunny Swimwear and Triangl – which made sense to me. Neoprene, swimwear – swimwear, neoprene – in my opinion they go hand in hand. Neoprene bikinis made a big splash, and don’t get me wrong, they were/are super cute! However, I notice that the neoprene trend is continuing into fall wear which I realized just a few days ago while browsing Topshop. I spotted an amazingly cute dress from the corner of my eye, just my style – a white halter neck skater dress with a mesh panel across the cleavage – very cute and wearable. Upon closer inspection (aka touching the dress, very scientific) I realized the dress was made from neoprene. Hmmm. My love connection wavered right there on the spot. I think neoprene works well for swim and beach wear, but I am not just not yet convinced it works for larger articles of clothing. I would love to know –  what do you babes think of neoprene for fall 2014?

Charlotte Russe mini skirt

VIVETTA black skirt

Kukso Koo black skirt

Hunter boots
$220 –